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DIY - Replacing damaged Socket Outlet

It was a Sunday morning, when I woke up to a thawing freezer at home. To those who have not dealt with stinking fridge at home before – you’ll not find the urgency to get your freezer back on line. First thing I checked was the electric socket. I took out my hair dryer and tested the plug, and I confirm the plug was the culprit. Pheww, changing it would not cost me a bomb and I started googling on how to change your own electric socket before I head out to get the stuff changed.

Things you need:

  1. A brand new socket (get it from DIY shop) – with SIRIM sticker

  2. Screwdriver (usually phillips head)

  3. Wire stripper (just in case)

  4. Test Pen

Steps as follows:

  1. Ensure that the mains electric supply is turned off at your circuit breaker.

  2. Unscrew the retaining screws to release it from the socket mounting box

  3. Gently, bring the socket forward and you will see the socket wiring behind.

  4. You will find 3 colored wires for single cable connected at the socket; Red/Yellow/Blue = Live, Black = Neutral, Green = Earth (Take note which wires go to each terminal – take a picture to be sure)

  5. Unscrew the terminal screws to release all the wires:

  6. Place the new socket and note where the live (L), neutral (N) and earth (E) terminals are located.

  7. Insert the black wire into the neutral terminal(N), red/yellow/blue into the live (L) and green into the earth (E) terminal.

  8. Make sure only the exposed wire goes into the terminal and no exposed wire is visible. Ensure screws are tightened securely onto copper cable cores.

  9. Gently press the socket back in place, careful not to trap any wires between socket and the wall and screw back onto the socket mounting box.

  10. Turn back on the power and test the socket

Note: If changing the socket does not bring the power back on – there could be an underlying problem that is beyond that you can do yourself. Consult certified electrician for further troubleshooting steps.

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